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Miracle of Siddha Chakra and Divine Healing by Water Part One

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Siddha chakra is a highly powerful diagram in Jainism which can do miracles beyond imagination. It is the source of spiritual energy and can remove all the obstacles of your life and can cure all types of diseases. According to a religious text, Mainasundari had worshipped Siddha chakra and seen its benefits.

Once there was a king named Singhrath who ruled a magnificent kingdom Champanagri. He had a Queen Kamalprabha and a beautiful son Shripaal. When Shripaal was about eight years his father died and the whole kingdom was sad in deep grief. Meanwhile, Shripal’s uncle Ajitsen thought to capture the whole kingdom and kill Shripaal and his mother. One of the trustworthy ministers informed the queen Kamal Prabha about the malicious planning of Ajitsen so in the night Kamal Prabha and his son fled to the forest to save their life from Ajitsen.

While roaming in the forest, they saw a huge group of people coming to them. Kamal Prabha thought them to be the soldiers of Ajitsen but after carefully observing them from near she found them to be sad people suffering from leprosy. Kamal Prabha moved close to them and asked who they are. The leader of the group told her that they are the group of seven hundred lepers who stay away from villages and cities to avoid spreading of this dreadful disease and wander in the forest. Kamal Prabha thought that if she and her son could join their group they could be rescued from Ajitsen so she asked for the permission of the leader. On looking their pitiful situation he agreed and declared the little Shripaal to be their king.

After some time due to the contact with the lepers, Shripaal got infected. On seeing this Kamal Prabha got shattered and tears rolled down her cheeks and she thought in the heart of hearts what bad deeds she had done that after getting saved from the danger of death her son has now engulfed in such dreadful disease. After some months on one fine day, she thought that she must search medicine for this horrible disease and she left Shripaal with the lepers and went to find the medicine.

Taking full care of Shripaal the lepers' group walked in the forest for many years and one day they reached to the outskirts of Ujjain. In those days Ujjain was ruled by king Prajapaal. He had two beautiful daughters, the elder one was Sursundari and the younger one was Mainasundari. After completing their studies the preceptor presented the two princesses to the court in front of the king. Prajapaal became pleased by the preceptor and rewarded him. Then he asked his daughters to ask anything and promised that he will surely give them whatever they want.

The elder daughter said that there are two life givers in the world, one is the clouds and the other is king, so I only ask that by your grace I shall always be happy. By her flattery answer, Prajapal got immensely happy and asked Mainasundari, now you say what you want. Maina Sundari said solemnly that I could not deceive you by speaking such flattery words. In truth, happiness and sorrow depend on one’s action. If a person does good deeds, then he shall see happiness and if a person does bad deeds then he shall see sorrow. The pettiness of asking and egoism of giving both is ignorance.

On listening Maina, the king got stunned and furious. The king said to Maina “are you aware of what are you saying, don’t you know that the king is God of the earth. You are making a fatal mistake by saying such words.’’ Maina replied with folded hands,” Oh father! Don’t be angry I have faith in religious texts that every soul is the maker of good or bad deeds and receives the fruits according to the deeds.

King Prajapaal got outrageous and decided in mind that he will teach a lesson to Maina that the king is the giver of happiness and sorrow and went to the backyard. There he saw a huge flock of people coming towards him when they came near to him Prajapaal inquired to the leader of the group that from where you have come and where are you heading to. On listening, the leader replied with folded hands that we are the group of seven hundred lepers who have come to ask something from you. We have heard that you are very compassionate, helpful king and we believe that the king is the giver of all things. These words of the leader contended the king and Prajapaal said that yes, I can give anything to anyone just ask what do you want.

The leader said that our young king Shripaal is a bachelor and we want a queen for him. Prajapaal got shocked and said which father will give his daughter to this leper. The leader said that how I could get disappointment by having such an altruistic benevolent king like you. On hearing praise, the ego of Prajapaal got raised. He thought that Maina, who is so egoistic and obstinate might deserve this kind of husband, now she will know that happiness and sorrow are in the hands of King not in deeds. 

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