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Miracle of Jain Siddhachakra and Healing Part Two

 Wedding Inn  20-11-2017   07:31 PM

Prajapaal said to the leader that I will give you a queen, come tomorrow to the court with Shripaal and all the members of your group. On the next day, the lepers adorned Shripaal and the procession reached to the court. On seeing the procession, Prajapati ordered Maina to be present in the court. Maina came to the court, Prajapaal asked angrily to Maina that till today you believe that happiness and sorrow come from deeds, not from the king. Maina replied that it is the eternal truth. Prajapaal said that now you will see what blunder you have done, today you will get married to this leper king Shripaal.

All the members of the court tried to convince Prajapaal that don’t do such injustice to your daughter, but he did not listen to anyone and finally, Maina and Shripaal got married. Prajapaal made arrangements for their stay outside the city in a very old shambles. In the night when Maina tried to touch Shripaal’s feet Shripaal stopped her by saying that don’t touch me otherwise you will also get infected. Maina said that wife is like a shadow to her husband and now our happiness and sorrow is one. Whatever my father did to me was must be according to my some unrighteous past deeds, but now I will do some righteous ritual which could remove our suffering.

Maina did not sleep for the whole night and keep on thinking that I must do some religious activity which can dissolve our bad deeds so that the night of dismay and sorrow soon shall be passed. The next day Maina woke early in the morning and cooked the food for Shripaal. Watching this, the leader of the leper got very happy. On the very day, a highly spiritual sage came in a garden near to the location of lepers stay. Maina asked the leader that today why there is such a huge concourse in the garden. The leader replied that a highly revered saint has arrived in the garden and people are going there to have his blessing.

Both Maina and Shripaal went to the sage and told their sad tale. The sage instructed them to do Navpad Aradhana and taught them the whole procedure of it. On Ashwin Shukla Saptami (Hindu month) they commenced their worship. Maina drew the Siddhachakra diagram on a copper plate with vermillion and for the nine days they observed fast with utter faith and devotion and chanted continuously on the Siddhachakra. On a ninth day Maina sprinkled the spellbound water over Shripaal.

Instantly Shripaal got cured of this dreadful disease and felt that the strength of thousands of warriors has entered in him. Then Maina sprinkled the water over all the lepers. Worship, contemplation, devotion, and faith showed its effect and miraculously all the lepers got cured. Maina said that with the grace of preceptor we all witnessed the miracle of Siddhachakra followed by divine purification and healing by water has made impossible into possible that now you all are cured.

Then all the lepers returned to their homes but Maina and Shripaal stayed in that garden only. One day, Shripaal’s mother came to that garden and sat under a tree. Shripaal recognized his mother and went near to her and touched her feet. Kamalprabha asked him who you are then Shripaal told her that I am your lost son. He narrated the whole story that how he got married to Maina and cured by worshipping Siddhachakra and recitation of Navpad mantra.

On the other hand, king Praiapaal repented on the injustice he did to Maina and thought to meet her in the garden. When he reached there he saw Maina laughing with a very handsome man so he misunderstood and thought that she must have left her husband for this handsome man. How shameful is this, she has drowned glory of my clan. Prajapaal cultivating bad thoughts in his mind furiously called Maina and said abusive words to her. Everyone started laughing at his words then Kamalprabha divulged that this man is the same leper king Shripaal with whom your daughter is married and in reality, he is son of King Singhrath of Champanagari.

 Prajapaal asked astonishingly what is this secret then Maina revealed the whole story and said that how this would be possible if you had not given my hands to him, in fact with the divine intervention fate can be changed without any delay. Tears of happiness rolled down on Prajapaal cheeks and he proclaimed that Maina you are a truly great soul and a firm truth aspirant. On the next day, Prajapaal brought Shripaal, Maina, and Kamalprabha to his palace.

Whosoever heard the miracle of Siddhachakra and divine healing by water said blessed-blessed are those who worship Siddhachakra and recites Navpad mantra. So this was the story found in Jainism text which proves the power of sacred diagram Siddhachakra and its miraculous healing effects.


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