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Mehendi Benefits for Health

 Wedding Inn  03-11-2017   06:50 PM

Henna is a type of dye that is derived from a flowering plant. This henna is used to dye hair and also used for making Mehendi designs on hands and feet. Mehendi has many benefits for health. These are as follows:

·         Our ancient ancestors believed that Henna has natural healing properties that have been used for past several years.

·         Henna is applied to treat medical interventions aid in a therapeutic way in burns, headaches, ulcer, sores and skin diseases.

·         Henna also gives a cooling effect to the skin that helps to protect skin from bacteria and fungi.

·         Henna is used for coloring hair and scalp treatment. It is a natural dye that is very gentle and safe to use for the hair.

·         Henna also aids hair growth and comes as a good source of hair conditioner. It strengthens roots and gives shine and radiance.

·         Henna is used to cure toenail fungus. Toenail fungus is a type of infection with a fungus that causes the nail to become thick, brittle and discolored. Some home remedies can aid the cause of toenail fungus which includes henna.

·         Henna tattoos are very attractive and cool body artwork to wear and flaunt.

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