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Dreams Relating To God are Real - A True Experience

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Hello readers! Today I am sharing with you a true story of a girl who wants to remain anonymous, but for the convenience of reading, I am giving her imaginary name Rashi. This is a true experience of that girl with Lord Ram that how she received a message from God in her dream and later it came true. Before writing her experience I would like to say something about her. Rashi from her childhood is a very religious and have great faith in Lord Ram. She is focused and a brilliant student. She has done graduation in Bsc in biotechnology and in her second year of graduation, she decided to do MCA (masters in computer applications) but being a science student in 12th standard she was not eligible for that MCA course, so she gave business mathematics exam of 12th standard and in her last year of graduation she started preparing for MCA entrance exam.

Before two months of entrance exam, Rashi got a dream. In her dream, Rashi saw a huge ground, which she thought it to be Kurukshetra (a place where a huge battle was fought between Pandavas and Kauravas. In that fierce battle Pandavas won over the Kauravas by the grace of Lord Krishna.) Rashi found that the battle has just got over and it was a night time and she was roaming on that battlefield to get a glimpse of Lord Krishna and suddenly Lord Hanuman appeared in front of her.

Rashi bowed down and asked Lord Hanuman, where Lord Krishna is, Lord Hanuman said to her,” Follow me.”  Rashi started following and she reached to place where she saw a lake and across the lake, she saw a huge wall. Lord Hanuman was holding bows and arrows in his hands; he said to Rashi that by taking Lord Ram name in whatever direction he would dispatch the arrows it will reach the goal. Then he dispatched many arrows randomly in all the directions towards the sky and all the arrows reached to the huge wall which was across the lake, forming the name Ram

Rashi was surprised to see this miracle and she woke up and found that it was a dream. As according to the routine she went for her morning coaching classes and after two months she gave the entrance exam. The result was going to come after twenty days, but Rashi was sure that she would get a good college and finally, the result was disclosed and due to her hard endeavor she managed to get merit rank. After five days she went to the counseling and in her heart, she was very excited that she would be getting a very good college and after completing her MCA she would start a small computer learning institute.

Unaware of the future and being very optimistic Rashi’s name was called out and she went near to the desk of the counselors. The counselors asked Rashi that you are a science student but to get into this course you need to have mathematics in 12th standard. To this, Rashi said that she has given additional business mathematics exam of 12th standard and she presented the certificate. Then the most unexpected, shocking thing was told to Rashi by the counselor that from this year norms have been changed and only the students of higher mathematics are given admission into this course.

Rashi was completely shattered to hear this and despite her merit rank her admission was cancelled and not only this, but many BCA students’ admission was also cancelled because they did not have higher mathematics in their 12th standard. Rashi cried a lot and her parents tried to console her by saying that whatever God does is for good and maybe something good hidden in it. Many BCA students started protesting against this norm and filed a case against the state board in the court.

After some days Rashi decided not to wait for the verdict of the court, but to do something else and she completely dropped the idea of doing MCA. Now everyone started giving their ideas to her like Rashis’ brother gave her the idea to do fashion designing, her father said that you should do MSC in biotechnology, her mother said that you should think teaching as the profession, one of her uncle said that you should start preparing for the banking exams, her friends advised her to do MBA. This made her so perplexed that she thought not to hear anyone.

On one fine morning, she was reading a spiritual book where she found a line, “dreams relating to God are real.” This line struck her mind and she remembered the dream that she had two months before entrance exam. She got an idea that she should take help from Lord Ram to decide that which career she should pursue and for this she torn out five sections of a piece of paper and on one side of each section she wrote Shri Ram and on the other side of the first section she wrote fashion designing, on the second section she wrote MSC, on the third section she wrote teaching, on the fourth section she wrote banking, on the fifth section she wrote MBA.    

Taking all the five sections in her shrine room, she placed all the five sections randomly in all the directions on a rectangular wooden table in such a way that the side on which Shri Ram was written was facing up and the side which was having the name of the courses was at the back. Now she picked up a rosary and she started chanting the Ram name and keep on moving her eyes to all the sections of paper randomly. When the rosary got completed, she picked up the section on which her eyes were stopped.

In that section MBA was written so she thought it to be the answer given by Lord Ram but she thought that first, she has to give MBA entrance exams to get admission in MBA and for that year it already had been conducted and the counseling was going on, that means only in the next year she could appear for the exam so she again took a new paper and torn it out into two sections and on one section she wrote,” This year” and on the second section she wrote,” next year”. She again recited one rosary and picked up the section on which her eyes stopped. In that section, “this year” was written.

Faith has no doubts, but mentality gives doubt, and the same thing happened with Rashi. She thought that how could she can get admission this year and also if she gets admission it cannot be the good college. So she prayed to Lord Ram,” Oh! Lord Ram, your true and the biggest devotee Lord Hanuman showed me that by taking your name, any goal can be achieved and today I have got this answer that this year I would be getting admission into MBA college, but if I would not get good college, I will not take admission this year rather I would prepare for the entrance to get admission in a good college next year, rest all is your will.”

One month passed, session of MBA of that year had already started and nothing happened. On one day Rashi’s best friend who came in the merit in MBA entrance and got admission in the autonomous department of the university which is the best place to do MBA told her that MBA counseling was not completed at that time because some people have filed a case in the court and now it is up to the verdict of court at what time the counseling will again start. Rashi was not able to take it anymore, so she started preparing for MBA entrance for the next year.

The Lord Shri Ram is the eternal God and how one can comprehend his plans. After a month, Rashi’s father told her that the verdict of the court has come up and you would be happy to hear that, the students who have not given an entrance exam can also get admission into MBA course on the basis of their percentage aggregate of graduation but only after the counseling of the students who gave entrance exam is completed. But Rashi in despair thought that she would not be able to get good college.

Finally, the day of counseling came and Rashi decided to go for it but was totally hopeless that no good college would be available. Rashi was sitting in front of the row with her father and there were only fifteen to twenty students who have a better percentage aggregate than her. The counseling was about to start and there was a big screen where all the list of colleges and the number of seats available in the college had been displaying.

In dismay, she saw the screen and she found one seat available in the autonomous department of the university in which her friend got admission. Rashi was happy to see that, but she was worried that the students who are ahead in the percentage aggregate can take that seat so she started chanting Lord Ram name within her heart.

Lord Ram is the most merciful God and whosoever chants his name always gets victory and success. No student was able to see that there is one seat available in the university department because one miracle happened at that time, according to Rashi, once and only for a second the display screen showed the autonomous department  having one seat after that it  continuously showed the list of all the other colleges except that university department. When Rashi’s name was called out, she went to the counselor and being very nervous she asked to the counselor for the seat in the autonomous department of the university and to her utter surprise, that one and the only seat was still left.

So, the answer given by Lord Ram came to be true and she got admission in MBA in the same year in an autonomous department of the university where only meritorious students get admission. This story of Rashi is a testimony that a dream relating to God has a special meaning and a message and it is up to you that how you derive its meaning.


written by:

Ritu Jain


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