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Are you struggling to Keep Your Child Away from TV Mobile Internet

 Wedding Inn  06-11-2017   07:41 PM

The news about kids doing suicide or attempting to suicide in the influence of a mobile game named as Blue Whale is getting common these days. More 300 kids have killed themselves in an influence of the game. The news is surely surprising, but, the concern here is how these kids are easily getting under the influence of such games? And who should be blamed for? Actually, it is the parents who fail to monitor their child’s activities. They just engage their children with TV, mobile, and Internet in their free time, instead of spending some time with their child. And when the negative effects start coming in observation, they began to search for the solutions to keep their child away from the TV, Mobile, and internet.

Here are the tips for you:

  •          Strictly avoid underage Facebooking
  •          Put a  parental lock in mobile and laptops
  •          Check the privacy settings
  •          Install filtering software as to not show the adult content on the internet
  •          Monitor your child’s habit
  •          Take them out for some fun and relaxation
  •          Spend some quality time to understand what they are expecting from you
  •          Keep the computer in a central location
  •          Limit cell phone use

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